Good to be Green

Our ethos at Cambois Primary is to notice good behaviour and effort, both within and outside of school, and to give attention to those children making right choices. We reward children by means of praise points, whereby when a child earns 10 points they can have a dip in our treasure box during Celebration Assembly. We also have a focus of set criteria which we feel are essential for a productive learning environment and to ensure our children reach their true potential. The areas we focus on are:
  • attendance
  • punctuality
  • uniform
  • PE kit
  • reading (at least twice each week at home)
  • behaviour and 
  • effort.
Each Friday we have Progress file time within classes across the school. The children self assess, with support from staff, as to whether they have been green, yellow or red in each area. As an incentive, and to reward those children who are consistently 'green' we have a Green Trip each half term. All children are given opportunities to give suggestions for the trips throughout the year.
Battlezone - KS2
Concordia Leisure Centre - Bowling and Swimming