Seahorse Class - News

Below are overviews of planning 
We had great fun learning how to clean our teeth correctly and what it is like to be at the dentist.
Azure Garden Centre
We had a fabulous trip to the garden centre to visit the reindeers. We had juice and biscuits while meeting Santa. He gave us some magic reindeer food to feed the reindeers. 
Beach Schools
We had a fantastic time at the beach this afternoon! Although it was cold Year 1, 2 and Reception did not complain once! We made animals in the sand with natural materials and shared our ideas with each other. We even went on a treasure hunt! We climbed up and down the sand dunes using ropes to find the hidden treasure.
We had a fantastic visit from Warbutton's today. We have learned all about healthy eating and the different food groups. We now know how bread is made and what goes on in the factory. The best part was making a healthy sandwich!
Pizza Express
We had a fantastic time at pizza express! We made sure we were correctly dressed for making our pizzas. We kneaded the dough to make the pizza base and pressed it into the tray. We added tomato paste and mozzarella and baked it in the oven. We even got to taste a selection of ingredients and learned about where they came from.
Village walk
After our fantastic time visiting the farm and Anwick gardens we wanted to write a thank you letter to Farmer Thomson. After writing our letter we posted it at our post box in Cambois. We decided to go to the park and collect leaves for our autumn topic.
Our build a bear factory adventure!
​Our toy maker topic made us want to build our own bear. We decided to fund raise the money to go on our adventure. We made cakes and decorated these with friends and family of Cambois. This lend on to (competitive!) team games with some of our Cambois mams and aunties! We raised a total of £90 towards our trip to build a bear factory.
At build a bear factory we chose our bear, named it, gave it a wish with a magic heart, stuffed it, and chose it a t-shirt for it to wear. we even got a certificate to show it was ours! Everyone was so excited!
We even got to see Santa and the beautiful decorations in the Metro Centre, before we came home!!
Azure Garden Centre
We had a fantastic time seeing Santa and feeding the reindeer's. We even had some milkshake and biscuits too.
North Sea Link
We had a fantastic day with North Sea Link, learning about road safety. 
Blagdon Estate
We were invited to go to Blagdon Estate. Around the woods we hunted for acorns, conkers and different animals. We all picked apples from the garden and took one home and some back to school. After lunch we visited the dairy farm to see the cows. Mr Thompson showed us how the cows were milked and what happened to the milk. 
Morpeth Park
We went to Morpeth park to visit the ducks. We fed the ducks and seen the ducks preening, upending and dabbling. We had a lovely morning. 
Forest school
We have been using are scientific skills to explore and investigate animals and insects in our forest school. We have found a selection of mammals, fish and amphibians. 
We also made our own homemade pizzas and cooked them on the fire. 
Broxfield Farm and Alnwick Castle
What another fantastic trip to the farm and castle. We leaned about the wheat and cows on the farm with Farmer Thompson. We even had a ride on the truck of his tracker. At Alnwick castle we made soap and dressed up. We were very tired on the way home!
Bamburgh beach
Another fantastic trip to Bamburgh beach. We looked at the physical features around the beach and compared these to others. We walked up and down the sand dunes which was very tiring! We had a well deserved sleep on our way back to school.