Shark Class

Shark class is the Upper Key Stage 2 class within Cambois Primary, so consists of years 5 and 6. We are taught by Mr Sandy. As the oldest children in the school we have many responsibilities, including managing and organising the Fruit to Suit tuck-shop. 
In a morning we usually have a phonics/spelling session followed by maths and literacy lesson each day. In spelling we are taught in small groups in order to help us make the most progress. We follow a creative curriculum in the afternoon. 
Science - Living Things
Y5/6 have been learning about living things this term. To end our topic we learnt about some famous naturalists and their work and achievements in observing nature and educating people about it. After researching a chosen naturalist, such as Steve Irwin and David Attenburgh, we took on the role of a naturalist and went to Plessey Woods to make our own observations.
Year 5/6 Rugby Tournament
On 12th October we took part in the Blyth Tag Rugby tournament. This was a great afternoon and our team were spectacular! After winning all games in the first round and qualifying as top of our group, we were through to the quarter final where we won once again. Unfortunately, we were beaten 3-2 in the semi final, but the attitude and effort of the whole team was fantastic.
Biking with Richard
We started our biking again with Richard with a revision session on the yard. We focused on using controlled stopping, ensuring we could keep a sensible distance, controlled braking and bike safety. This was in preparation for our next bike ride  outside of school to ensure we are riding in a group and keeping ourselves safe.
Talk for Writing - Kensuke's Kingdom
Hook lesson
As a hook for our upcoming unit in English we went to the beach. After reading the opening chapter as a class, we worked in pairs to create the replica of Kensuke's island using the information from the map in the book.
Team Work
For transition day we worked in pairs on a teamwork challenge - who could make the longest paper chain from two pieces of paper. This challenge used many skills involving teamwork, communication, perseverance and listening skills. The chains were of very different lengths depending on what strategy each group chose, but we had a very clear overall winner as you can see in this photograph.
We have started rugby training with Steve Beaty AKA Koala Bear from Cramlington Rockets. We have all enjoyed our first session.
Beamish Trip
As we are studying Michael Morpurgo's War Horse in literacy we went on a trip to Beamish. Whilst we were there, we were involved in 'Life as a soldier' workshop and were given an insight into what life was like for a soldier in WW1. We even tried on the uniform and held a replica gun. This allowed us to come back to school and use it in our writing.
Blackout Poetry
After looking at the technique used by Austin Kleon in his Newspaper Blackout Poetry, we have created our own poems based on the War Horse text. We thought about a message that we wanted to convey in our poetry linked to the book or to events of WW1. If you read just the words that have been circled or left white or you read our poem. CAN YOU WORK OUT THE MESSAGE WE WERE TRYING TO PORTRAY?  Here are a sample of our poems:
Virgin Money
Once again we have taken part in Virgin Money's Make £5 Grow. This is an enterprise project where each child is given a £5 loan from Virgin Money. They then have to work together as a team to try to create a product or products that they can sell in order to make a profit. We have looked at different techniques in advertising, roles within a company and also considered overheads when designing a product. Recently we went along to a Christmas Market at Alnwick Gardens in order to sell our products to the public. We sold our own calendars which we deigned and had professionally printed, hot chocolate reindeers, Christmas pudding rice crispie cakes and reindeer muffins and some chocolate sleighs. We also made wooden reindeers in Forest School to sell. Dues to our hard work we actually came second in the amount of profit we made that day out of all the schools there, and were awarded a trophy for the 'Most Innovative idea' for our calendars. A well deserved award! 
Grainger Market - Make £5 Grow
We had a great day at the Grainger Market and our sales techniques were amazing! We sold a variety of items we made ourselves. We then had a nice walk up to Fenwick's window and had an ice-cream as a treat!
Newcastle United Football Foundation
This half term we have been working with Matty and Oliver from NUFC foundation. We have been looking at important issues in the classroom such as disability, sexism and racism. We have then been increasing our skills in football sessions. 
Star Control Workshop
Mr Robson from the ICT team came into school to lead a workshop that allowed us to investigate different robots that that involve aspects of control and monitoring. We look forward to a Big Trax workshop in the new year.
In science we are learning about the circulation system so to enhance this we dissected a lamb's heart. The children enjoyed this experience and showed a good understanding of the function and parts of the heart.