Shark Class D

Shark class is the Upper Key Stage 2 class within Cambois Primary, so consists of years 5 and 6. we are taught by Mrs Darbyshire. As the oldest children in the school we have many responsibilities, including managing and organising the Fruit to Suit tuck-shop. 
In a morning we usually have a spelling session followed by maths and literacy lesson each day. In spelling we are taught Read Write Inc spelling in small groups in order to help us make the most progress. In the afternoon we have designed our own curriculum based on two main drivers : initiatives and possibilities.
Race For Life
We took part in the Race for Life. After asking for sponsors, we took to our yard, and despite the rain, we all ran a huge amount of laps. 
Mad Science Day
Pancake Day
We designed then made our own pancakes - they were amazing!
In maths we use a CPA approach to maths mastery - concrete materials, pictorial representations and abstract methods. We learn all approaches before choosing for ourselves which we feel most confident with. We often use a Chilli Challenge in which we decide for ourselves which level we feel able to challenge ourselves at. Every fortnight we have a problem solving lesson.  
Over the last half term we have been learning to write balanced arguments. We have thought about the very controversial debate of whether animals should be kept in zoos. We used our debating skills before taking part in a conscience alley, then writing our own balanced arguments.
Big build project 
We took part in The Big Build project with Farrans. The task was to create a building of local interest using only recyclable materials. We decided to build a model of Alnwick Castle as we had visited last year. We designed as a class with some help from Karen at Farrans. The competition was a national competition and we were so proud to be awarded Runners up! 
Commando Joes
Each week we have Commando Joes sessions. This approach to the curriculum combines using key skills of perseverance, resilience and team work to complete a task linked to our curriculum.
In art we have been studying the style of Art Deco. We have studied well known artist designs and produced our own using drawing, painting, collage and textiles. We created our own bags using Art Deco designs. 
Team Work
For transition day we worked in pairs on a teamwork challenge - who could make the longest paper chain from two pieces of paper. This challenge used many skills involving teamwork, communication, perseverance and listening skills. The chains were of very different lengths depending on what strategy each group chose, but we had a very clear overall winner as you can see in this photograph.
In science we are learning about the circulation system so to enhance this we dissected a lamb's heart. The children enjoyed this experience and showed a good understanding of the function and parts of the heart.