Breakfast Club

At Cambois Primary School we have a Breakfast Club run by volunteers at the school.

It starts at 8:30am and runs every day Monday - Friday.

It's free, every child is welcome to attend Breakfast Club - it is a great way to start the day!
Each morning children can choose from:
Cereal Bars
Toast with Jams / Spreads
Breakfast Club Allergens
We serve a variety of items at breakfast club that contain the following allergens. If your child suffers from these please inform a member of staff:
· Wheat
· Oats
· Soya
· Gluten
· Dairy
The Breakfast Club volunteers organised the children to take part in 'Berries for Breakfast'. For one week the children had different fresh berries with their breakfasts everyday. They learned the importance of berries to their diet and 'Berries for Breakfast' sent some colour posters, shown below, which have been displayed in the dinner hall! Click on an image below to enlarge it and find out the benefits of each type of berry!