We have been working with Richard Rothwell from 'Cycling Generation'. Over the course of the year we have been building a range of bike handling skills. We practised our skills on the yard before going out on bike rides to Woodhorn Colliery, Furnace Bank and the Wansbeck river. The length and difficult of the rides have gradually increased as the children's confidence and proficiency increased. Our latest bike rides to Druridge Bay and Blyth Beach were 20 miles and 19 miles respectively. The children have improved exponentially and have grown into a mature group of riders. Richard and I are both pleased and proud of their achievements. 
Cambois to Paris
As part of a bike challenge day, every child in the school took part in our journey from Cambois to Paris. Each class took turns to cycle around a course on the yard. Each class set themselves a target of laps they aimed to achieve. Whilst we did not quite reach Paris, the children did exceptionally well. Each class achieved far more laps than they initially intended. We would also like to thank the many parents, carers, friends and family who kindly sponsored the children. Thanks to generous donations, we raised over £700 for the school. It was also fantastic to see parents and carers come to school to take part in bike themed activities. The static bike proved to be particularly popular as the opportunity to compete with children and friends was too good to miss.