Staff & Governors

  • Mrs Allan


  • Mrs Darbyshire

    Key Stage 2 Teacher/ Maths lead

  • Mrs Sample

    Cook / Unit Manager

  • Miss Dorner

  • Mrs Rawlinson

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Noble


  • Mrs Atkinson

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Humble

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Beattie

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Jackson

    Year 1/2 Teacher

  • Mrs Myers

    Assistant Headteacher/ year 3&4 teacher/ English lead and the ARTS

  • Rev Ian

  • Mr Sandy

    year 5/6 Teacher- computing lead and Science

  • Mr Allan

    Early Years teacher and lead/ phonics lead/ PE lead


Our chair of governors i is  Dr. Jeff Sanders.
Our vice chair of governors is Emma Johnson.
Governor responsible for Early Years is Hazel Scott
Governor responsible for writing is Suzanne Hayes
Governor responsible for Maths is Jeff Sanders
Governor responsible for leadership is Alan Todd
Governor responsible for safeguarding and child protection is David Nicklen.
Governor responsible for curriculum is Fiona Ellis
We are required by law to publish information about our governors. Please view this in the document below or click to download the file. This was last updated September 2019