Key stage 2 - year 3,4,5 and 6

Easter Holidays 
White Rose Maths Hub are uploading fun maths activities everyday in the holidays if you're looking for something new to try.
Easter Holiday quiz time - can you work out the book names from the emojis? Use the website to see the full list. Something for children and adults to do together. Answers will be posted on Friday 10th on Pobble website
Pobble 365 - this is a fantastic website which all of your children are used to using. Each day gives a new image with a variety of activities to choose from.
each day David Walliams is reading extracts from his popular children's books. Children can choose to listen for enjoyment only or to them complete activities such as draw the main character or design their own front cover.
Spelling - 10 minute stories are a great way of learning and using spellings in the correct context. Simply choose 5 spellings from their class spelling lists and set a timer - they write a story using the 5 words correctly.
Timestables Rockstars - All children have their own logins.They can practice in their 'garage' until they feel confident enough to try out the 'arena'.
Numbots - they can use their TTRS login for this site also.
This Blog contains some ideas for maths games to play at home with videos included.
We have just subscribed to MYMATHS. This is an online platform where we can set homework for children to complete. You should receive your login details from your class teacher and then can begin. 
Harry Potter Fans
Harry Potter @home is free while we are off school. The first of the books is also available on Audible for free. 
Maths Challenge 
Art ideas
Empty milk cartons can create a lovely bird home
Every weekday Joe Wicks Body Coach is teaching free 30 minute lessons which are perfect for both children and adults alike.
Why not complete this name challenge?
Free Daily Live Streaming
Chester Zoo - live Zoo experience day 27/03/2020
As we can't go to the zoo, Chester Zoo are bringing the zoo live to our living rooms. If you check their Facebook page they are having a virtual tour today. I have attached the timetable .
A daily snack shop can be a great way of keeping maths going throughout the day. Give you child a daily limit and they must work out how much they have spent and how ,much change they have. Older children could have more complicated amounts to allow them to deal with pounds and pence so they need to use decimals in their calculations. Remember to send up a photo if you do this.
Oxford Owl Class Login use this link to log onto Oxford Owl and click the 'my class login'. Use the logins as listed below. 
It has links to home learning and books that children can read as well as key daily spelling practice.
Year 3 and 4 use the login 
username: camboislks2 
password: cambois
Year 5 and 6 use the login
username: camboisuks2
password: cambois
Scavenger Hunt
Here are some ideas for both indoor and outdoor hunts. Older children could then create their own for younger siblings to do.
A lovely idea to complete and add to during these uncertain times - and something to look forward to doing afterwards.
Our children are living through a period of history. Why not make a scrap book or time capsule which they can look back on in future years.