Reading & Phonics

How we approach the teaching of reading & phonics at Cambois Primary

We use Read Write Inc. Phonics, which provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching literacy. It aims to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.
The children are all grouped by ability, we believe that 'stage, not age' is vital. They are re-assessed every 6-8 weeks. Our aim is to make every child a reader by the age of 7.

Understanding Phonics This video explains:

  • What the National Curriculum says about learning to read
  • Why learning to read and spell in English is more difficult than in other languages
  • How phonics can help
There are free video tutorials on the Ruth Miskin website –
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Our reading schemes are with the Oxford Reading Tree and Nelson PM Reading.  Children have  guided reading session and opportunities to read daily. Guided reading sessions are set by ability. Children are also heard reading individually in school and at home linked by a home-school reading diary. 

Why read to your children?

Free e-books for home reading:


Oxford Reading Buddy

Is a new digital reading service to help every child develop key comprehension skills

Oxford Reading Buddy is a digital reading service that supports each child's personal reading journey, motivates them to succeed. 

  • Coaching eBooks that are accompanied by a personalised ‘Reading Buddy’ who models key comprehension strategies, supporting children as they read
  • An extensive eBook library, with hundreds of eBooks from loved and trusted Oxford series such as Oxford Reading TreeTreetops, and Project X, providing children with extra practice and consolidating their learning
  • Quizzes that are carefully matched to each eBook, as well as further quizzes for Oxford’s print books that teachers may already in their schools, deepening and developing children’s comprehension skills
  • Progression for every child that is underpinned by the expertly devised Oxford Levels system, ensuring every child is reading at the appropriate level for their needs
  • Detailed progress reports and data to support teachers with insights into each child’s attainment and reading development, so they can quickly pinpoint where extra support is needed
  • An in-built reward system, where children gain badges as they progress in their reading, building motivation into every step of their reading journey

Take a quick look:

Useful links: 

Learn how to pronouce Set 1, 2 and 3 pure sounds. 

Learning to blend four- sound words: