Virtual Sports Day

This Friday it will be our virtual at home Sports Day.
Each day we will post a challenge for you to complete at home.
Monday - Star Jump Challenge. How many star jumps can you do in one minute? You must have stretched legs and arms. 
Photo, video and record your answer. Email them to
Tuesday - sock and spoon race. Can be inside or outside. Use tea towels to make spaces out at a distance. Roll up an old sock on a spoon and with only one hand holding the spoon as quickly as you can travel between the markers. Record your time. Bonus points for different family members taking part. 
Wednesday - balance a bag of crisps. Instead of a bean bag race. Mark two tea towels out the distance of your sofa (it is raining today) run back and forth keeping the bag of crisps on your head. Do this four times. Record your time and take photos to share.
Thursday - Sack race.
Use an empty pillow case and run laps around your sitting room (garden if you have one and it is dry)
How long does it take you to run two laps? Can you do it without falling over? Can the adults in your home do it?
Friday - Human wheelbarrow races - get an adult or a brother or sister to hold your legs and become a human wheelbarrow. How quickly can you travel across your sitting room? 
Results of our Sports Day
Sophia did 78 star jumps, she did them like she was taught at kick boxing
Laura's star jump effort - She managed 77 star jumps in 60 seconds.
Jessica’s times for virtual sports day 

Star jumps: 71 jumps in 60 seconds 
Sock and spoon race: 12 seconds from beginning to end 
Crisp packet balance: 15 seconds 
Sack race: 42 seconds from start to end
Sack Race
Ruby 20.1 seconds 
Rowan 22.4 seconds
Demi's results
Star jumps - 76
The spoon & sock race - 16.6 seconds - walked down the stairs through the sitting room, through the dining room then the kitchen and ended at the bathroom.
Crisp balance - 17.1 seconds
Sack - 27.4 seconds
Thanks to all those parents, staff members and children who have participated in our Virtual Sports Day. In true Cambois style the week has consisted of rain. No doubt the sun will return now it is over.
Winners and participants will receive a medal in the post so look out for it.
Rowan Humble
Ruby Humble
Mrs Humble
Sophia Linney
Cooper Holman
Anna Holman
Emma Holman
Maia Gooch
Junior Gooch
Button Hayes
Ruby and Oliver Darbyshire
Jessica Rycroft
Laura Weatheritt
Demi Atkinson
Mrs Rawlinson
Mrs Darbyshire
Leah Greenaway
Cody Fawcus
Well done everyone.