Art and Design
At Cambois Primary School we believe that a high quality Art education should engage, inspire and creatively challenge children , equipping them with the skills to experiment , invent and create their own works of Art whilst also developing the skills to think critically.
 At Cambois we follow a two-year cycle of learning suited to the needs and level of our mixed aged classes. This is underpinned by our school of possibilities and initiative. Through our teaching and curriculum layout we raise aspirations, develop confidence and create positive attitudes to learning and overcoming challenge. 
 For art we follow the cornerstones curriculum which focus on skill objectives linked directly to the national curriculum. This curriculum allows the children  to express themselves imaginatively and creatively whilst developing a deep understanding of the subject and how this interweaves with other areas of the curriculum.
The children of Cambois will  experience a variety of techniques and skills to develop their ability in 'art making' as well as learning how art has shaped history and contributed to different cultures.
Art is taught as a companion project alongside geography and history. This helps to ensure learning is systematic, sequential, cross-curricular and most importantly progressive.
Within the Early Years Foundation Stage, Art and Design is taught as part of Expressive arts and design.
Our aim in Cambois to to enusre we deliver a curriculum that is not only accessible to all development levels and skill levels but that also promotes creativity, improves skill and knowledge and helps the children to enrich their vocabulary.  This curriculum has been built following extensive research from cognitive Science and how a mastery curriculum can be achieved by thinking about how children remember and learn. 
As a result, our Art and Design curriculum is taught through Knowledge Rich Projects (KRPs), ensuring a subject-driven and knowledge rich approach to Art and Design. Each term is driven by a new KRP. Art and Design is taught alongside a driver project of either Geography or History and a companion project of Design and Technology, these all link directly to other subjects, skills and knowledge of the National Curriculum. 

Across all Art and Design topics the lessons are sequential which ensures  a clear progression of skills and knowledge from EYFS all the way to Year 6. Each KRP follows a familiar four stage learning pedagogy; Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express, as well as including a memorable experience and an introductory knowledge lesson to equip children with the information they need before studying a new topic in depth.

The breadth maps with a list of suggested artists for each year group can be found below with our two curriculum drivers of 'possibilities' and 'initiative' underpinning them all.
Art Policy
Art Scheme of Work
Art Progression
Through the use of the cornerstones curriculum, teachers are able to track the children's skills and knowledge progression from eyfs to year 6. The class teacher will use the cornerstones progression document to assess children's next steps and to plan lessons. The teachers all have this document saved onto their cornerstones drive.
Art work around school:
Cambois Primary School is full of creative children. Please take a look at some of the examples of Artwork. 
Knowledge Organisers
these will be updated each term so you can see what your child is learning in class.