At Cambois Primary School we believe that a high quality Art education should engage, inspire and creatively challenge children , equipping them with the skills to experiment , invent and create their own works of Art whilst also developing the skills to think critically. For art we folllow the cornerstones curriculum which focus on skill objectives linked directly to the national curriculum. This curriculum allows the children  to express themselves imaginatively and creatively.
The children of Cambois will  experience a variety of techniques and skills to develop their ability in 'art making' as well as learning how art has shaped history and contributed to different cultures.
Art is taught as a companion project alongside geography and history. 
We have a two year planning cycle based on the National Curriculum 2014. We follow an interleaving curriculum. The breadth maps with a list of suggested artists for each year group can be found below with our two curriculum drivers of 'possibilities' and 'initiative' underpinning them all.
Art Policy
Art Scheme of Work
Art Progression Document
Art work around school:
Cambois Primary School is full of creative children. Please take a look at some of the examples of Artwork. Year 3 and 4 are currently learning all about impressionism. Here are some examples of their interpretation of Claude Monet 'The Water Lillies'.