Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing at Cambois Primary 
Good mental health and wellbeing helps children and young people:
  • develop
  • attend school
  • engage in learning
  • fulfil their potential
(DfE, 2024).

Cambois Primary School contributes to wellbeing by providing:

  • a safe, calm and supportive learning environment
  • early targeted support for pupils and learners who need help


At Cambois Primary School we also work closely with BeYou, a team part of Northumberland County Council's Emotional and Health Wellbeing Offer. 

 BeYou have a strong reputation in Northumberland for having a collaborative and integrated local offer to support children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing across the county. This offer is delivered by a range of providers from both the statutory and voluntary sectors, in conjunction with services across health, education and children's early help social care.


Please find links on this webpage to signpost and support you in mental health and wellbeing for children and young people, parents, carers, staff and adults. 

EFT Tapping 
Staff in school are trained in Tapping; an EFT (emotional freedom technique), which focuses on tapping
points of the body to relieve symptoms of a negative experience or emotions. 
Children in school are involved in tapping sessions daily, which has allowed them to develop the knowledge and skill behind tapping for them to independently use as a tool in order to support their own self-regulation. 
Please find a link to a video used in school with the children, however a video does not need to be followed and tapping can be completed anywhere by anyone. 
Thrive Approach 
At Cambois Primary we follow the thrive approach; a trauma-informed, whole school approach to improving the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. Thrive not only supports the social and emotional development of all children but also helps to manage dysregulated behaviour by using a positive relational stance with children, through play, creativity and the arts. 
At Cambois we have created a dedicated Thrive Room, where pupils, staff and adults can use to engage in thrive activities. 
Resources for Staff 
Education Support
Education Support offers a 24-hour-free and confidential helpline for people working in education.
Free line: 08000562561
FRIENDS Resilience in School
Staff at Cambois are now trained in FRIENDS Resilience Programme which targets children of all ages. 
What is it?
The FRIENDS Resilience programmes aim to build resilience and reduce anxiety for children and
young people now and across their lifespan. This is achieved through evidence-based cognitive
behaviour therapy programmes endorsed by the World Health Organisation. Each programme
is delivered over 10 one-hour sessions and two booster sessions. The courses are designed to
build life-long resilience in individuals, families, schools and communities through fun activities
in a supportive environment. The FRIENDS courses help guide the social and emotional
development of children, develop coping skills and aim to prevent anxiety. They help children
and young people build resilience, confidence, and emotional wellbeing which improves
learning and social outcomes in schools and families.
Why is it useful?
Building Resilience is the focus of FRIENDS, on return to school it is likely all of our children and
young people will be encountering new situations and have experienced a range of different or
unusual circumstances.
The skills developed through FRIENDS can help children and young people better identify their
feelings by exploring their thoughts and experiences which helps them to find ways forward.
FRIENDS also helps children build/rebuild appropriate peer relationships and support networks
within school which further develops their confidence, support network and self-esteem.
The activities, which are all developmentally based on age, help the children and young people
to identify thoughts and feelings which may be unhelpful to them and choose more appropriate
behaviours and ways to respond to negative situations.
 The FUN FRIENDS element is currently being implemented within KS1. 
The attached flyer below goes into this part of the programme further. 
Links to BeYou Padlets 
Each padlet feature a range of strategies, resources and information to support children and young people and adults. Information to additional services are also provided within each padlet. 
Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Services 
Kooth provides access to an online mental health and wellbeing community, giving free, safe and anonymous support for those aged 11-25 years
Chat Health
Chat Health offers a confidential text messaging service that enables children and young people (aged 11-19) to contact their local public health nursing (school nursing) team.
Advice for Teens in North Tyneside Text: 07507 332 532
Advice for Teens in Northumberland Text: 07507 332 258
School Nurses

School nurses promote and protect the physical health and emotional wellbeing of children and young people who are school age. They work in partnership with other agencies to ensure children and young people make the right choices about their health, in addition to safeguarding their welfare so they are protected from significant harm.

Every local authority school or academy has their own school nurse: speak to a member of staff in school to find out more or contact the school nurse.

North Locality School Health Team - 01670 761908

Central Locality School Health Team - 01670 564048

South East Locality School Health Team- 01670 629670

West Locality School Health Team - 01434 636939

Cygnus Support
Cygnus helps people in Northumberland to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Its self-help guidance and counselling services support people to manage their symptoms and prevent them from getting worse.

Amanda is supporting parents and carers to help them manage their own wellbeing whilst also empowering and upskilling them to support the emotional wellbeing of their children. If you, as a parent or carer, feel like you or your family are struggling emotionally and could do with some help, please reach out as a first step and contact Cygnus by telephoning, texting or emailing Amanda at Cygnus.

Contact Number: 07377 265 036


Website: Welcome to Cygnus Support