This page gives you an overview of our Maths taught across school. We follow the White Rose Maths hub. Below are plans and assessments in relation to our Maths Curriculum.

As a school we are just at the beginning of our journey to develop in staff the capacity to embrace and fully engage in mastery methods of teaching mathematics.  

What does it mean to master mathematics?

A mathematical concept or skill has been mastered when a pupil can represent it in multiple ways, has the mathematical language to communicate related ideas, and can independently apply the concept to new problems in unfamiliar situations.

Mastery is a journey and long-term goal, achieved through exploration, clarification, practice and application over time. At each stage of learning, pupils should be able to demonstrate a deep, conceptual understanding of the topic and be able to build on this over time.

This is not about just being able to memorise key facts and procedures, which tends to lead to superficial understanding that can easily be forgotten. Pupils should be able to select which mathematical approach is most effective in different scenarios. 

At Cambois Primary School we use The White Rose Maths Hub to support our teaching and learning and follow their long term plan. Each topic is taught in blocks over the course of the year.

Mathematics Planning
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