PE and Sport at Cambois Primary School
PE at Cambois is all about the fundamental aims of the National Curriculum and helping pupils lead a healthy lifestyle. We pride ourselves, at Cambois Primary School, in providing opportunities and motivation for all children to: Lead a healthy and active lifestyle, develop motor competence and to reach their full potential. 
Curriculum Intent
At Cambois Primary School we believe PE & Sport plays an important role in our school drivers of initiative and possibilities and we want to equip our pupils with the skills to lead a healthy and positive lifestyle. The intent of our PE curriculum is to provide all children with outstanding quality PE and sport provision. It is our aim for every pupil to reach their potential as well as engage in and model physically active lifestyles. We strive to inspire and motivate our pupils through engaging, inclusive and skill-based lessons for all. At Cambois Primary School, we want our pupils to understand and appreciate the benefits of a physically active, healthy lifestyle. Through our teaching of PE, we will lay out opportunities for pupils to gain values and transferrable skills such as: Fairness, respect and resilience. As part of this, we will provide the children with opportunities to take part in competitive sport in both intra and inter competitions. Our school ethos is at the heart of our PE intent too. Learning will be fun and everyone is welcome to take part in all of our sporting activities inside and outside of school. 
Curriculum Implementation
How PE is taught at Cambois Primary School: Pupils at Cambois receive two high-quality PE lessons (1 hour each) a week and have opportunities to take part in sporting activities daily. Our PE programme is a skills-based approach with Fundamental Movement Skills at the heart of our progression, ensuring that all children progress and have the necessary skills to participate effectively in all types of physical activities, sports and games. The development of Fundamental Movement Skills allows our children to develop confidence to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. We provide opportunities for all children to engage in extra-curricular activities during and after school, whilst we are increasing our opportunities for competitive sporting events throughout the year. This is focused on an inclusive approach which promotes the health and well-being for all pupils within our school whilst increasing physical development. A typical PE lesson at Cambois will have three parts and will start with a clear, structured warm up linked to their current unit of work. The PE lesson then progresses into a skill-based activity which relates to the focus of the lesson and children are provided with lots of opportunities to practice and develop. The final part of the lesson involves the children applying their developed skills in a game-based activity. In addition to this, we expose the children to many outdoor adventure opportunities which allows the children to develop their determination, resilience and stamina whilst also taking part in activities that they would not usually get to experience.
Curriculum Impact
All children at Cambois Primary School receive a balanced and broad PE curriculum regardless of their year group or ability. Each child accesses two hours a week of Physical Education and also all of the key areas of the subject on offer at our school. At Cambois Primary School, class teachers and our PE lead plan PE lessons with a clear, concise progression of skills and knowledge. We have created this as part of our curriculum offer which guarantees that all children access it at an age appropriate, differentiated level. Arranged sports fixtures, festivals and competitions ensure that all of our children have the chance to take part in a wide range of sports both in and outside of school. The opportunities are both competitive and non-competitive. At Cambois Primary School, we utilise PE lessons to formatively assess children across year groups and we use platforms such as Seesaw to evidence the progressions for each child. This information is then compiled together by the class teacher, video evidence is documented on Seesaw and then the PE lead analyses this in the summer term. The data is then presented to the whole staff and the actions noted can then be completed. This allows PE to be continuously tailored and fine tuned to our children. Linking to this, pupil interviews are used throughout the year to allow pupil voice to be a centered approach within our school whilst learning walks take place in order to reinforce our push for outstanding quality PE. Finally, staff meetings and CPD time is utilised to update staff on relevant changes within the primary PE curriculum and the PE lead will also provide support where necessary.

School Games Gold Award!


Cambois Primary School are part of the national School Games programme, the programme provides opportunities for young people to access competitive school sport. During the academic year the pupils from Cambois take part in a range of activities and competitions in various sports. Cambois were awarded the School Games Mark Gold award in 2021/2022.



PE Enrichment
Sports Day
Intra and inter competitions for a range of sports
Multi-Skills competition 
Northumberland Cricket Board - Children in Year 5/6 have enjoyed Autumn Term weekly cricket sessions with our coach from NCB, 
Commando Joe's - Staff thoroughly enjoyed being trained in Commando Joe's character-building PE programme - all ready to implement it in the next academic year. This scheme has some fantastic planning and resources which will assist in improving our children's problem solving, communication, teamwork and agility skills.
Beach School- Children in Year 1,2,3 and 4 all experienced a term of 'Beach School' in which they developed their OAA skills at Cambois Beach! 
South Shields Surf School- As part of our close relationship with South Shields Surf School, children in Year 5 and 6 have engaged in weekly water sports sessions at South Shields Beach. These sessions will resume when the surf school reopens in spring term!
School Sports Organising Crew-  Our SSOC play a key role in the delivery of sports and extra-curricular activities. They organise playground games at break times and run sports specific clubs at lunch times. They receive yearly training from the local School Games Organiser! 
Extra-curricular clubs- All children are encouraged and welcome to attend extra-curricular clubs which are daily (Breakfast club and after school). These are sport specific and are focused on inclusion and having fun. 
All Star Productions  - Children take part in weekly sessions with Sophie from All Star Productions and deliver termly shows to parents and community members. These are outstanding productions and we are very proud of the performances! 
Yoga Bugs - We are fortunate to have access to the amazing 'Yoga Bugs' who have provided all staff with an outstanding portal which is utilised for Yoga and interventions. 
Travel Tracker- In relation to promoting physical activity at Cambois and this having a lasting life long effect, we use 'Travel Tracker' which is a national scheme to encourage children to be active when travelling to school!