PE at Cambois is all about the fundamental aims of the National Curriculum and helping pupils lead a healthy lifestyle. We want our pupils to experience a wide range of experiences and see the value of  and benefit of . We use a range of providers to help us promote sport. These include Newcastle United Football Foundation, Cramlington Rockets, Amanda Nicole Dance and many more.
See our sports premium action plan for more detail to see how we spend the dedicated funding.

Commando Joe's is landing at Cambois Primary School. 

This is a School led Primary programme that is progressive from Early Years through to Year 6 and preparing children and young people during the important transition phase to secondary school. The resources help create a smooth transition process which is based on children’s academic and pastoral needs.

Building the confidence of primary school children before they leave is of utmost importance: children with high self-esteem are better able to make difficult decisions under peer pressure, approach adults for support, and be self-sufficient in their learning. The programme develops this resilience through many activities, being part of the team, performing challenges or having a leadership role. Activities in class and homework projects that need to be completed independently can help prepare children for the new world of homework timetables. They develop their sense of adventure and increase their self-sufficiency by taking part in new and unfamiliar activities. These transferable skills will stand them in good stead as they move off into the unfamiliar world of secondary education.

The programme compliments the core curriculum teaching time and supports lessons. The programme will contribute to cultural, physical, spiritual, moral and social well being and play a part in extending each child’s understanding of British values..


Early Years


A suggested programme and curriculum that is broad and exciting..This outstanding programme will provide a great foundation on which all children will get the chance to achieve, be resilient, tolerate others and make great choices for life - inside and outside school. At the heart of our curriculum design is the unique child, with the promotion of the Five British Values and the teaching of the 7 core Character traits interwoven into the Early Years. Each mission identifies the prevalent Characteristic of Effective Learning. Each Character overview also has a range of ideas for both the Prime and Specific areas of Learning and Development. This will allow us to take your children on their own journey of character discovery.

Primary (KS1/KS2)


The design of the Character Curriculum/programme is completely suggested and is used to complement any existing curriculum. This will help develops children’s skills, knowledge and understanding whilst building their capacity to choose intelligently between decisions that contribute to their character development and specific learning. Topics will be used to create a curriculum framework that guides the direction of learning expectations and progress as well as identifying coherent expectations for each child’s character learning journey. Our RESPECT framework supports the “Whole school approach” and staff to be able to help children to develop these behaviour traits within a number of exciting topics based on amazing characters and aspects of their life stories. Significant heroes/heroines, explorers and adventurers have been identified to support children’s understanding of these essential life skills.