Peer Mentors

A group of year 5 and 6 students are currently completing training with Miss Chandler and Miss Todd to become 'peer mentors'. The students are super excited to complete the training and start supporting the well-being of students at Cambois Primary School. The training is part of the 'Be You' programme.
What is a peer mentor?
A trained child or young person supporting other children and young people through offering help and support, building emotional resilience, promoting wellbeing and positive emotional wellbeing, and signposting to further support.’
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Hero Lanyards
The peer mentors have recently introduced 'Hero lanyards' across school. The Hero lanyards are ran completely by the students. The peer mentors all got given a lanyard to pass on to another student. The reasoning for passing the lanyard on is completely up to the students. It could be for helping out a friend and going above and beyond or even if someone is having a hard time and need a 'pick me up'. 
The peer mentors demonstrated some ideas of why you could pass the lanyard on in assembly. They made sure to put an emphasis on how good it feels to receive one, but also that it feels even better to get the opportunity to pass one on. 
If you see a student wearing a Hero lanyard ask why they received it!