Through RE we encourage our children to learn from different religious beliefs, values and traditions while exploring their own beliefs. We believe R.E has an important role to play in preparing our pupils for adult life, employment and life long learning. We encourage all pupils to develop respect and acceptance for others in particular those whose faith and beliefs are different from their own.
R.E Policy
RE Long Term Planning
RE at Cambois follows the Sacre guidance. 
This is to:
To ensure high quality RE, it is recommended that the agreed syllabus, as well as meeting legal requirements. Please click on the link below to view these requirements.
We do this through a lot of learning about modern British Values and the use of whole school themed weeks centred around our PSHCE curriculum and learning through different beliefs and about difference beliefs.
We decide the religions, other than Christianity, to be studied by taking in to account of the balance of religion within:
o the school community
o the community within which the school is located
o the UK community o the global community.
and also current trends and issues within school.
Knowledge Organisers.
Key Stage One.
Knowledge Organisers
Key Stage Two
Hexham Abbey
The whole school had a fantastic trip when we visited Hexham Abbey. We spent all day there and had a good look around. We took part in lots of workshops including 'The Big Story' , the life of a Monk,making our own stain glass windows and talking about baptisms. We described the Abbey as 'majestic' and the stain glass windows were 'spectacular'.