Year 5/6

Welcome to Year 5/6 at Cambois Primary School.
We are taught by Mr Driver
Each day we start our mornings with a morning challenge. Then we have a spelling lesson followed by Maths and English. In the afternoons we follow a creative curriculum including Commando Joe's. These are the topics we are looking at this term:
Science: Animals including humans
       Geography: North America and Europe
            History: World War II and Ancient China
DT: Electrical Systems
Art: Drawing and Painting relating to World War II
French: 'In the classroom I have...'
PE: Sending and receiving
Computing: Systems and networks
RE: What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today? Why do Christians believe Jesus the Messiah? 
PSHE: Celebrating differences
Hi everyone, It's great to try and do a little bit of reading each day. Here's a list of 7 websites where you can find free books to read online. You might find a new favourite!
Home learning useful resources:                                       
Stairwall project- Arts workshop
Earlier this term went on a trip to the Cambois Institute. We had so much fun! We completed three different activities (Art, Dance and Music) with professionals! This was an experience that the children have never had before and they embraced the different cultures with the professionals originating from different parts of the world! A truly magnificent experience that the children loved. 
Last term we spent Wednesday mornings surfing on the sea at South Shields. It was amazing. We developed incredible resilience, battling the weather to not only get on our surf boards, but to confidently move on them too. The collaborative working and persistence on show was outstanding!
This half term we are reading the book 'Skellig.' We have recently completed a diary entry for this, whilst considering the key theme of 'Evolution.' 
We have completed place value , four operations and statistics so far in Maths. We use lots of concrete objects to support our learning and we have a big focus on 'Maths Talk' and being able to confidently verbalise our methods. 
We have completed 'Living things and their habitat' and are now focusing on 'Animals including humans.'